Sunday, 7 February 2016

The shirt..

Hey Everyone!

I could probably rant about being ill right now, because I'm ill and I just miss the days where I could breathe. I personally never take any medication whenever I'm ill and so I'm just hoping this annoying cold goes away.

Back to the post..

I'm lucky enough to go to a school where you can wear whatever you want, because for the past 4/5 years I had to wear uniform and hated it. I just like how now you can express yourself with what you wear and with what you find the most conformable.

I took a big risk the other day which was to secretly get away with a piece of clothing.

I have this band shirt which has this particular design on.

To break it down for you, (as the shirt has a lot going on) there is a cute sort of looking bear holding a knife with cupcakes and presents behind it. I love this band and shirt, but I knew I'd get stopped so what if.. I wore my oversized black jean jacket that could cover the whole shirt?

This jacket is extremely oversized, because I can sort of wrap it around me as there's extra material due to me being short. I love this jacket, because the plan worked as all that was visible was the mixture of colours on the shirt. It was obvious that I was wearing clothing underneath this jacket, but just to be safe I didn't sit up straight.

It truly was impossible to notice anything.

I got to the study room for the first period and a teacher walks by causally. I swear there were a few teachers who had walked by and not said anything until one of them did.

I had to 'go home' due to my inappropriate outfit but I knew this was going to happen and just wanted to risk it to a point. I had an extra shirt in my bag which I changed into and carried the day like nothing happened. I didn't tell anyone because none saw anything so why should I tell?

I learnt how you can't get away with everything even if you try your hardest, because sometimes when you don't try your hardest you get away with it, like the girl with extremely ripped jeans.

Although I'm still confused how I got caught.

Happy Sundays!  :D