Friday, 19 February 2016

Parade Ave

Hey Everyone!

A few days ago we walked through a street that I haven't walked through in years. It's been a few years, but I can't believe how pretty it still is and how the small little memories still creep in.

I have a thing for roads and streets, because all the time I see a pretty street I just want to take pictures. It's sometimes just pictures of the road itself or little things on the road that make it special.

This is a road with lights that we walked through at night..
The special thing with this road is that there are lights hanging above, which is rare to find in a road where I live. The choice of having coloured lights might be because of the road name, 'Parade Ave' as a parade is normally full of colour and I guess thats what the lights add to the road.

There is another sort of road that connects to this road, but as you can tell from the first picture it's dark on this road compared to Parade Ave. 

Have I said how dark it was? It honestly was so dark that it was a mystery. 

Although I do love a bit of mystery.

I'll walk past here next time in the day time to show you.

Happy Fridays!  :D