Saturday, 6 February 2016

Casual Air

Hey Everyone!

I remember when a few years ago was when lip glosses were the stuff to have on your lips, because a lot of people wore it and loved it. I personally loved it to the point where I would over do it by adding several layers, which with the amount applied I could probably reflect light.

I've had this 'Lipglass' by MAC for a while, but in the shade 'Casual Air' which I think has discontinued but I managed to find it online and there are also similar shades available like 'Oyster girl.'

It's a lipgloss and so it gives a lot of shine as well as attention to the lips, which is a different feature to me as I don't wear lip products often..
The colour of the product is like a nude with a pinch of pink.

The consistency of the product is thick in a way, which is expected as this is a lipgloss or should I say lipglass? 

Although it's not as thick as other lipgloss that I've tried before, which can be a negative and a positive thing as it will feel less heavy on the lips but it might not make your lips as plumped. I personally like how plumped my lips look when I wear this, as it creates the illusion of bigger lips without making them look unnatural. 

I would say that this product lasts a long time after being applied, because at least half an hour later you should still be able to move your lips without them getting stuck to each other. I really like this part of the lipgloss, as it's not rough to move your lips due to them still being moisturised by the product. 

I always comment on the packaging and the smell or taste in this case. The packaging is just so simple and effortless but effective. It's a product that is probably the size of my index finger which is perfect to just keep in any small bags. I've had this product for a while and I haven't figured out what the smell of the product reminds me of, because it brings back a certain feeling from my past but I don't know what it is exactly.

The scent of the product is like a sweet vanilla, which I really like even though I'm a little bit ill at the moment and so I can't really taste or smell anything that is close. 

I would recommend the product if you feel like you want to go back and try a lipgloss again. In comparison to my first ever lip glosses these are definitely a big upgrade in things such as quality and value.

Happy Saturdays!