Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Small Birthday Surprise

Hey Everyone!

Two weeks ago it was my birthday.

I didn't ask for anything as there was nothing that I really wanted, but after my birthday I did realise that I did need something which happens every time, (ugh).

Although I'm one of those people who doesn't like it when people spend money on me with the only exception of my parents. It's mainly because I personally don't think birthdays are important and so gifts aren't important but if I do receive gifts I'm grateful.

I got a small surprise as this is something that I don't remember ever getting until this year..


It was a gift from my cousins and I was not expecting it, but thinking about it now I do remember seeing something floating outside as they approached my house. I was honestly so happy and confused as to why I was so happy after receiving a balloon. 

I nearly cried too, which was mainly due to the fact that it said 'Andy Bella.' 

Only a few people, (a.k.a my family) call me 'Andy' at times and 'Bella' is just a name my sister decided to add after 'Andy.' It's also my youtube channel name or user name, so it was clear that my cousins watch my videos. 

From this day I've realised that I like surprises.

Happy Wednesdays!  :D