Thursday, 21 January 2016

Moments Bracelet

Hey Everyone!

I recently received a bracelet from Pandora, but it's a little bit different than the usual charm bracelets that they are known for.

It was a fabric bracelet, which is basically a bracelet with multi strings that are made out of fabric.

I personally have always wanted a bracelet like this, because it's so different to all of the bracelets that I already own. I have worn this bracelet ever since I got it, which was at the beginning of the year for my birthday from a friend.

The colour of the bracelet is beautiful as it's a nice light pink but with a touch of coral. It is made out of fabric and so over these past days a few things have happened..

The bracelet at first had a structure and the colour was even throughout the whole bracelet, but this was only for the beginning part of owning the bracelet. 

The beginning stage of owning something new is always nice and exciting, because you can discover new things about this new product which can be good but also bad. I wore this bracelet everyday and ever since (as you can see above) it changed. 

I stopped wearing the bracelet everyday, because the colour started to darken and the fabric stretched even though the bracelet was already loose. I think it could have been my fault, as I wear a lot of dark clothing and so the colour could have been passed onto the bracelet. Although I still don't know why it stretched.

I have sensitive skin as well and the fabric on the bracelet doesn't irritate my skin and it doesn't feel uncomfortable wearing it, which is good.

The main point of this post was to inform those who are thinking about fabric bracelets. I love them and would suggest to get the bracelet in a darker colour in a way that the colour remains the same. I would recommend not spending a lot on a bracelet like this, because as I'm aware you can't just clean this bracelet as you could with metal bracelets. 

It would make a lovely gift too.

Happy Thursdays!  :D