Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Hey Everyone!

This was one of the many bath bombs that I was gifted this holiday and I couldn't be more grateful. I was honestly not expecting so much from a bath bomb, from how beautiful it was to how soft it made my skin feel.

Lush is a favourite of mine.

I get excited whenever I receive or purchase something from this store, because I know my skin will feel soft as well as I'll be able to take some cool pictures..

This specific bath bomb is called, 'intergalactic.'

It's so pretty.

I spent a long and good while in the bath which isn't unusual for me, but with this bath bomb the time went from minutes to hours. I think the reason why I forgot about time was because I was focused on what the bath bomb had created, which was turing everything blue and into glitter.

I was amazed at how cool, (yes I really like the word cool) my skin looked, because it sort of turned blue as you can see above. I took so many pictures like this, but this one was my favourite as you can see my actual skin colour and my 'imaginative' skin colour. 

Talking about skin..
I wasn't expecting this bath bomb to leave my skin this soft, because I thought the glitter would interfere and so would leave my skin in a way that is opposite to soft. I love the feeling of soft skin and realised that I didn't need to moisturise my skin as the bath bomb had done it for me.

The glitter is an amazing touch, but bath bombs with glitter always makes me drift away from them. It's for the fact that this glitter can get into places that you don't want it to, which can be worrying in a way and annoying in another. However, some of this specific glitter does come off easily with just a rinse, but you still might find some either on you or in your bathtub.

I recommend you to treat yourself to this product, especially as it's small and inexpensive but will bring you a lot of happiness through relaxation.

Happy Wednesdays!  :D