Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Hey Everyone!

It's nearly the holidays and the colour that for me summaries the holidays is red.

I recently discovered Sleek lipsticks, but specifically their 'True Colour' range, where they offer a lot of different shades that can either have a matte or sheen finish.

The main thing that caught my eye was the colour selection, but also how this product is only £4.99. I instantly had to purchase one and try it out to see it's real value..

I have always paid close attention to packaging, because I think packaging is very important even though it might not seem like it. The packaging of a product can actually make it more easy to use, but it can also make it last longer. For example, with this lipstick the packaging is sort of matte and has a texture that you can scratch without leaving a permanent mark. 

The shape of the lipstick is hard to decide whether I like it or not, because it's in an oval shape which is different to all of the other lipsticks I've owned before. It feels like the shape should help apply the lipstick easier, but I don't think it does.

I'm in love with the colour. It is a red-ish colour, but has a tint of pink underneath and so as these two mix it creates the illusion of a beautiful red colour. I'm surprised at how much I like the shade 'Vixen.'

The finish of this particular shade is a sheen finish, which I think helps enhance the colour more compared to if it was a matte finished shade.

The consistency of the lipstick is quite thick. I like how it's not too thick, because it feels like my lips are being moisturised as I wear the lipstick. Although it can feel as if you are wearing a few layers after just applying one coat. 

I was also surprised at how long it can last, because if you are like me and always have to touch your face it might get messy in that case. It is still moisturising after having it on for an hour or two and very long lasting. I think because of how thick it seems to be it can be hard to remove, in a way that your lips might be stained for a while.

I would recommend this product for those who wouldn't mind the thick sort of texture, but for the good quality and the amount you get for a low price is defiantly a reason why you should also try this product.

Happy Wednesdays!  :D