Thursday, 31 December 2015

To The New Year

Hey Everyone!

It's only a few hours until the new year and I thought I would write a little bit about it.

I can personally say that this year has been one of my favourites, because there were a lot of challenges and new things that I had to go through. I have mainly said 'yes' to all of these new things and challenges, which knowing me a year ago wouldn't say 'yes' to.

It's weird how a lot has changed in a year and things might change every year, but this year in particular I've met people who have changed my life. The change is for the better and it's even better to know that I've also helped change people's life for the better too.

I want to wish you all happiness for next year in whatever form that may come.

I'd suggest for you guys to make a wish. I have been told ever since to make 12 wishes, as then each wish can be distributed to each month of the year. I've always been realistic with these wishes and a few have come true. I've never made 12 wishes, because I don't have 12 wishes so I don't know how that works.

Although I'm wearing velvet..
Dress - Zara

I don't even like velvet, but I'm wearing it today and I also didn't get a full outfit shot so I'm sorry about that.

All the best and luck for next year!

Thank you for being with me throughout this year and hopefully throughout the years to come too.

Happy Thursdays!  :D