Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Long Lonely December

Hey Everyone!

The title might sound depressing, but Christmas is a blessing so there is no need for it to be seen as depressing.

I like to rhyme for special occations and Christmas is one of them.

I consider it nearly Christmas when the tree goes up and when the tree goes up I get excited. I got too excited up to the point where I nearly ruined Christmas, by nearly falling on the tree. It's funny because somehow my 'photographer' aka my sister was able to take a picture of the nearly tragic moment..
The lights on the Christmas tree do change colour each time, which made it harder to take pictures with the same light colour. I managed to capture the tree when the lights switched to red. I have to say that the colour red is my favourite, because it's vibrant and shows a lot of spirt which is like Christmas in a way.

I may look tall in these images, but if you didn't know I am about 5'2 and so I had to stand on a not so reliable chair. I tried to reach out for the wall, without realising the useless help it would give. 

Although I'm glad the tree is fine and safe.

I've learnt that maybe I shouldn't put the star up on the tree next year, because in previous years it's always me and there's always something that could have gone terribly wrong, but somehow it was stopped. I also learnt not to use a chair, that looks half broken.

I guess I like to live on the edge (of a chair).

Merry Christmas? Is it too early? 

Happy Wednesdays!  :D