Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas ✧

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to write a short and late post to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas.

It is still Christmas where I am, but in a few minutes it's about to end which is upsetting as it means I can't spend the next days just chilling and watching 'how I met your mother.'

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas with friends and family.

I spent the morning baking some cupcakes that didn't turn out 'christmassy,' but they sort of look like candles and so in a way it's 'christmassy.'

They were red velvet cupcakes which as you know are my favourite and so I nearly did eat them all. The outcome was much tastier than I thought, because I actually didn't have enough butter for the icing and somehow that didn't matter.

There was some gift giving along with a funny sort of story. When I say my parents I mean my mum, because my mum ordered some gifts and they still haven't arrived, so it will feel like Christmas again next week when they arrive. I was so happy to receive Knuckle Puck merch, that my parents looked at me funny as they still don't understand why.

Although Christmas isn't about presents, because there are things that you can't wrap or but in a box with tissue paper, that are more meaningful.

It's Thursday, so Happy Thursdays too!  :D