Thursday, 3 December 2015

4 Wedding Essentials

Hey Everyone!

I have a mixture of different aged viewers and thought this would be quite useful for some, especially because it's wedding season for those getting married this winter.

I thought about four essentials that are important for the wedding as a whole and so theres more about the not so obvious essentials. The fact that I narrowed down my options to four for this wedding season was a little difficult..

1.  Scheme 
A colour scheme for a wedding is important, because it can give the wedding a theme or character and can also make it feel more personal, than just decorations. I went for a mixture of different shades of blue for a winter wedding, as when it contrasts with the white snow (if it snows) it will stand out beautifully and this would show up in photographs too. It's a actually a trend this year to go with a neutral, pastel or earthy colour schemes.

2.  Tux
A Tux is an important part of the wedding, because it's what the groom will wear and so it's an essential that cannot be forgotten. The Black Tux will have your back when it comes to choosing a tux to rent as they have so many different styles to choose from. A favourite feature of mine is how they have a section with outfits that have already been put together, like The Beardsley Outfit.

3.  Shoes
When it comes to shoes is can be really easy to focus on the way they look, instead of how comfortable they are. It's something that will be holding you up for the whole night, which can be heels but it can also be flats. I think having a pretty pair of flats for the wedding reception is an essential, because your feet will suffer no pain and so you'll be able to 'climb walls' without suffering.

4.  Lace
The detailing that lace creates is too beautiful to say no to, which is why it's an essential which doesn't have to be worn. It can be used within the decorations instead as in the venue decorations, or simply as part of the bouquet decorations. The lace can also be worn within the shoes or the dress and I have to say that my favourite wedding dress designs are those in which include lace.

Although I do like weddings..

I've only ever been to two weddings, which is because most of my family is either still really young or have already got married before I was even born. It's funny, because at one of the wedding it contained all of these essentials, as the bride worse flats for the reception, the colour scheme was a pastel pink, the tux was worn and lace was present on the bride's dress.

Happy Thursdays!  :D