Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Tricks To Eyeliner

Hey Everyone!

As you know I love eyeliner.

I tired a certain look the other day and I wasn't too sure about the outcome.

I had used eyeliner:
- On my waterline
- To create a wing
- Along my lower lash line.

The thing that makes this look unusual is that I use different coloured eyeliners. I used a white eyeliner for waterline, a black eyeliner for my wing, and a brown eyeliner for my lower lash line, (just to match along with the smokey eye). And.. thats the first trick, as using different coloured eyeliners can trick people into thinking you've spent a lot of time with your eyeliner, (when you haven't really).

There was just a lot of eyeliner going on, but I now like it a lot. I wanted to show you the look, because wearing eyeliner can create different illusions and so it tricks others into thinking how you did that.

The whole look is pretty simple.

1.  Waterline
I'd say that this is the location for eyeliners that are nude or white, but not black. The colour black actually gives the illusion of smaller eyes, because the pupil is black and if your eye colour is a darker colour, it makes the eye seem even darker making it look smaller. However, if you compare it to wearing a nude or a white eyeliner you can tell that these colours are much lighter and so create the illusion that the eye is more awake, which is why the eye might seem to look bigger. I would also say to use a PENCIL eyeliner around this area as it's sensitive.

2.  Winged Eyeliner
I have to say that this is my favourite place for eyeliner, because it's an area that is not sensitive which suggests my eyes will not be crying. It's safe to go wrong if you have no eyeshadow or mascara, as it's easy to remove as it's above and not in the way of anything. The thickness and the type of wing you create has an effect on the way your eyes look. 

For example, a thick line above the eye with a thick wing can appear to seem like your eyes are picking up weights. It might just be me who pictures this, but I believe that it's very hard to pull this look off. I can say it works for some people and so to be safe stay with a thin line.

The overall cause of a winged eyeliner is that it also create the illusion of bigger eyes. I suggest black eyeliner for above the eye, because opposite to using on the waterline, it actually makes a good difference of bigger and more powerful eyes, (which is how I like to see it).

3.  Lower Lash Line
I think most colours work for the lower lash line, but I'd say it can depend on the colour of your eyeshadow if you have applied any. I like the way how I've used a light colour on my waterline and then a darker colour for my lower lash line, because it adds a bold look which draws a lot of attention to the eyes. With the look above, I've also created a gradient with this eyeliner as from the outer corners it starts dark and gets lighter when reaching the inner corners. This is so my eyes don't appear to be too dark as well as making sure that the eyeliner on my waterline still has a purpose. 

Overall, it's clear that the closer to the eye as possible the lighter the eyeliner should be and so this also means that the further away, the darker the eyeliner.

I'm now dreading the thought of removing this beautiful creation, because it's nearly time for bed but if you do something like above, TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!

Happy Wednesdays!  :D