Sunday, 8 November 2015

This group..

Hey Everyone!

I have to say that I'm happy and I hope that you are happy too.

If you have nothing to be happy about, then you should be happy about it being Sunday and that a rant is coming up in the next few lines.

On Facebook you can join many different types of groups. I used to be in so many groups, until I realised how annoying it was with notifications. I haven't left all of the groups, but as I say I'm down to four that might show how annoying these groups were.

There's this current group that is my favourite at the moment, it's to do with pop punk and all. It's a fun group to scroll through and nothing until today has bothered me.

It was a certain post that said something like, 'you shouldn't date someone who likes the same bands as you, as when you break up it will be hard to listen to these bands again.' I had to read this post so many times in order to process their meaning of the situation. I even talked to myself about this in the shower, because it bothered me so much and I know why.

When you start dating someone, you most likely are dating them because you have something in common. It might be music, tv shows or something as simple as the same opinion. If the relationship doesn't turn out to last, you'll break up. Those common things will still remain, but separate like you two are. It can be hard to overcome the dislike of what was once common and I know as I've been there too.

The main idea is that you should live in the present and not in the future.

The post mainly bothered me, because people can be influenced by anything and so this could influence people into not dating someone who they like, because they like the same bands? I sometimes don't get why people want to influence others in a negative way.

This post would also makes me feel bad for dating someone who likes the same bands as me, which should't be the case. If it's something in common it should seem positive and not negative.

I see this post more as a statement.

The only thing I agree on is that it will be hard to listen to those bands after the break up, but if the present is currently a happy place, don't change it.

Happy Sundays!  :D