Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Eraser Eye Concealer

Hey Everyone!

The Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Eye Concealer may have a long name, but it's use is for the simplest things that need to be hidden, like dark circles. It's a concealer that also targets anti age which for me is not the important part, as my dark circles are a bigger problem.

I've been using this concealer everyday for nearly a month and I like it in a way, but there's something about the product that makes me think otherwise..


As it says on the product it's meant to help with coverage around the eye area and I couldn't agree more. I had used this product on blemishes and pimples as well, but in comparison to being used around the eyes it didn't cover at all sometimes, (e.g. if it was a huge pimple there would be no way this concealer could cover it).

The consistency of the product is very thin and smooth. I think as it is for under and around the eye area it should be thin, because the skin around this area is very delicate. However, I have to apply coats and coats of this concealer in order for it to cover as much as I want it to cover. 

I think the applicator itself might be a reason as to why I have to keep applying coats. It has a circular shape and has a sponge like applicator. I don't really like this sponge like thing, because I feel like as I keep applying more and more with this applicator, it's actually removing the concealer that was already applied. It's is a smooth sort of product and so that's why it seems easy that it could slide off.

Another problem with the applicator is that the way it's structured, because it seems like it could easily clot and so it could effect the way you use it again. 

Although something good about the applicator is that as you twist the tube, it will only allow a certain amount of the product out onto the applicator. This is basically a benefit, because the product will last more as you can control how much to use with a twist.

I also like how the shade 'light' matches my skin tone in a perfect way, because I've never found a concealer until now that is close to exact to my skin tone.

It is priced at £7.99, which I see as quite a bit for a concealer that only benefits the eye area, because there are many other cheaper drugstore concealers that have a lot more benefits.

I recommend this product mainly to those who want coverage around the eye area, as it does eliminate the appearance of dark circles.

Happy Wednesdays!  :D