Sunday, 29 November 2015


Hey Everyone!

I haven't done a rant sort of post in a while, which is depressing as I love writing these type of posts. I like to talk/write about anything and it's only with these types of posts where it's possible.

I like hugs quite a bit.

It was weird for me the other day, because I received many different types of hugs all in one day. It probably sounds weird too, why I decided to write about this, but there are some people that need to think about things before they hug.

There is this one person who I've never hugged until the other day and you can say they are pretty tall and full of muscle. I'm like an ant compared to them and so when they went to hug me, I got squished. There were parts that hurt after the hug, which has never happened. A lot of people thought that this person would be more bear like, but no instead the hug physically hurt.

Another type of 'hugger' that can be difficult to work with are the ones who don't know whether to go over or under. It's difficult because they haven't made up their mind quick enough for you to follow, (as they don't know either). In this case I'd just go my way, which is always over and that is if I can as I'm 5 foot something small.

Whenever someone picks me up, I cry a little inside. It mostly happens when someone hugs and then randomly decides to pick you up. I don't like it, because I feel squished again and it's not something fun. It might just be me, but as I'm being squished my bones feel like they are being pushed inwards and it hurts.

I still like hugs though.

I just have to accept that sometimes what's good might be the thing that hurts too.

Happy Sundays!  :D