Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Black Jumper

Hey Everyone!

A clothing item that has always been in my wardrobe and is a staple is a black jumper.

I prefer the thin, but really baggy sort of jumpers as they are more comfortable and are my favourite sort of jumper, especially for this look.

It took me a while to find a type of outfit in which would be quick and easy, but wouldn't require you to go out to purchase items to 'match' the whole outfit itself. Instead this is a look that can be literally thrown on, because all you need is a dress and a jumper..

This is the secret

All you need to do is pick out a dress and a jumper.

I would suggest a dress with no sleeves, because I personally find it annoying when two sleeved clothing items are layered. Trust me you don't want to be always pulling both of the sleeves down, as even if you do they will always rise up again.

I went with a black jumper and a floral dress. 
I think the jumper part should always be a neutral colour, because if your dress contains a lot of colour you can't control that, but what you can do is mute it down with a neural shade being within the jumper part of the outfit. 

There will be a stage with this outfit where you run out of dresses to wear and so if you come across this stage I would suggest moving on to playsuits. I'm currently on that stage as it seems like I'm wearing shorts, but it's actually a playsuit.

The benefit of this outfit is that people will assume what you are wearing is either a skirt or shorts. In reality it's maybe just a dress or a playsuit and so next time as you wear this item people will not think it's the same dress or playsuit. It's all about the illusions, as even changing the colour of the jumper will manipulate people into thinking it's a completely new outfit, whereas you've just changed the colour of your jumper.

I pretty much live in this sort of outfit and you should too!

Happy Wednesdays!  :D