Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A Step On The Ice

Hey Everyone!

It's almost winter..

Winter is coming as it's nearly December and you can say I'm excited, but not so much for Christmas as I'm more excited about the shoes.

I am someone who likes shoes a bit more than a bit, and so I always change up my shoes depending on the season or the weather.

I have specifically narrowed down four pairs of shoes, that I will defiantly be wearing more during winter, as if I don't already wear these shoes enough..

1. New Look (similar)
2. All Star Hi Converse 
3. New Look (here)
4. Old Skool Vans

These pairs of shoes are all comfortable to wear for whatever the event, from walking all day long to just standing for a few hours. The height of the heel of all these shoes is short, which is why they are comfortable to wear and more appropriate for winter. It occasionally will snow where I live and if it's heavy snow you don't want to be walking on ice with a high heel. I tried that 'technique' once, where I thought I could handle the snow, but I slipped multiple times and couldn't join in with the snowball fight, (*insert sad face emoji*).

I find it personally hard to buy shoes that aren't black, which is why the black and white Vans might seem as a surprise for some. Although now I do really like how black and white shoes look.

I had to also include my trusty Hi Top Converse, because these have to be one of my favourite pairs of shoes. I wear them so often, as they are so easy to pair with an outfit.

A trend for shoes this winter is the strap detail on flat shoes. I've seen a lot of flats that contain so many straps or detailed cut outs, like the pair shown above. I'm in love with those shoes, because they are very different and stand out, due to the detailing. It adds a statement to your outfit too, which is handy when you're wearing a simple outfit.

I have favourites, but I generally love all of my shoes and you should too!

Happy Wednesdays!  :D