Sunday, 18 October 2015

Primary School..

Hey Everyone!

All I've done today is eat and I'm not kidding.

I had breakfast, ate KFC as well as a full dinner with desert and everything. I'm trying to say that I've done nothing that is technically productive, so hopefully writing a rant is productive.

I think primary school was a happy place for me, until I started to realise that there were rules and you have to work more than play.

The primary school that I went to was full of rules and it's good for a school to have rules, but this school just had rules that weren't necessary.

For instance, a whistle would sound at lunch which meant you had to line up into 'lunch table groups' outside in silence. It felt like forever waiting in line in silence, until each 'lunch table group' went in one line after the other. I think it would be better to just go in and be already sat at your 'table group,' but the school preferred it the long way.

Also while lining up in a single file line I nearly got stung by a bee and it looked amazing from another point of view. It was raining and we were still outside. I saw a bee approach my hood. My first action was to grab it and let it go, which I did. People around me were asking if I was alright and if I got stung, but I didn't which was a miracle. I even kept looking at my hand, because I believed the bee did something when it didn't.

As it was lunchtime you had to eat everything in your lunchbox. I understood that it was important to live and not starve as a child, but I was the rebellious one. I didn't eat everything, because I would hide some of the food in my pockets instead, as I was likely to get hungry later. I'm glad to say I never got caught, so I was pretty good at this job.

Although I still don't understand why we weren't allowed to just leave with or even without food whenever we wanted.

I think this was only at my school, but whenever someone really wanted to play with you, it's like you had to play with them or else they would tell. I would always run and hide, because I didn't want to play with someone who I didn't like or felt uncomfortable with. I disliked (as you know I don't like the word hate) the fact that I would get told off, when the person who wants to play with me was what was bothering me.

In general the whole rules were messed up and it bothered me for the years I spent at that school.

Happy Sundays!  :D