Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Half Victorian

Hey Everyone!

I love Halloween.

It might be seen as still a while away, but I like to prepare extra early as it's one of my favourite times of the year and I want it to be great.

It's easy to take inspiration from many things, like the Fairmont Resort in San Fransisco but it's harder to put these inspirations together. This resort was in San Fransisco, which is a city that I would love to visit one day and so is why I took a lot of inspiration from the city itself too. The victorian era in San Francisco is so interesting and beautiful, from the architecture to the popularity of lace.

I focused mainly on the makeup, by separating my face into two different parts with one part being everyday victorian and the other being the monster inside..

And of course the Outfit..

The outfit itself is very unique and different, which is why it's perfect for Halloween as it will make you stand out in spooky way.

I'm in love with this dress its very simple in a way, but with the fringe on both arms it adds more character. I kept swinging my arms around, because it's just a fun dress to wear. It's also a dress that isn't too casual to wear to events, but it will defiantly turn heads in a good way because if I saw someone wear this I would give the sign of approval.

The shoes are two different pairs. I don't know if I would go out wearing two different pairs of shoes, because I could not walk with one heeled shoe while the other isn't a heel. Although it fitted right with the outfit. The white heel is the glamour side and the black flat is the dark side.

The Fairmont resort is stunning and beautiful. 

It was funded back in 1907 and is influenced by the Beaux-Arts architecture, which was influenced by the United States architecture between the years 1880 and 1920. This is why I decided to go half victorian, because it's an era that had an influence on the building itself. I also added a more modern touch with the fringe and the makeup, especially with using a pink blusher.

The interior design includes a lot of browns and greens giving it an earthly feeling, which is also why I went very natural with a light brown smokey eye as well as with branch like strokes on the other half of my face.

This proves that inspiration for Halloween can come from anything as well as everything. I look deep into certain things and always have. I will research the background of things and try to create links so that I can adapt a certain piece of information into something, like a Halloween costume. 

I had a lot of fun with this look, from taking the pictures to the creating.

Thank You Fairmont Resort for challenging me.