Monday, 26 October 2015


Hey Everyone!

It's the half term, which means I'm not sat on the floor and leaning over my bed to do homework.

Instead I'm shivering like crazy, because it's really cold and you can especially tell from the fact that my feet are turning purple.

Although something that wasn't as cold as this week was the new emojis.

The new emojis are just so cute, like the unicorn or the lion, but they are also useful like the middle finger and the popcorn one.

The only problem is that they are missing a few that I really hoped would be added.

I really like the hearts, but I wish there was more colours to choose from. I really wished there was a black heart emoji, because black is my favourite colour and the heart emojis are my favourite too, so it would just be the perfect emoji.

I really like pizza too and I know there's already a pizza slice, yet it's not a full round pizza. The reason why I need a full round pizza is because I really like pizza, so if I want to share it with friends I don't need to keep sending single pizzas. It would also be great if there were different toppings, like ham and pineapple.

I have a thing for shoes, as in I will always purchase shoes over clothes. The colour I wear the most on my feet is black and there is no black shoe emoji!

Overall, the emojis should have different colour options it would make life easier for everyone. For example, there wouldn't be that many pages of emojis as you would just have to hold down on the emoji for the different colours. It would also mean that it would be faster to search for the emojis you want.

It's all just suggestions.

Happy Sundays!  :D