Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Blk. Water

Hey Everyone!

I love trying new things.

It's something that I don't do often, because I'm always scared or 'what if' thoughts come to mind, but I found something that was interesting to try in a way that didn't make me think or feel these things.

I'm a huge fan of water and I can truly say I love water.

I would also say that it's my favourite drink, but I found something along the same lines with a little dark touch..

Blk. Water
How can a bottle be more photogenic than you?
I really like receiving little things in the post and sometimes it's up to the point where I have no idea what I've order. This was one of those orders that I completely forgot about until I opened up the package.

I always say lovely things about the packaging and how it could have taken someone hours to design as well as create the packaging. It's different for this bottle. The black water does most of the work which is so interesting, as you only really realise that at the end where the only thing that is dark is the cap and the text.

I can taste the difference. I haven't read any other reviews on this product so I don't know if many can taste the difference, but I sure can. I can only guess that the 'alkaline fulvic trace' is the cause for this, because nothing else has been added. 

It's a mixture of tastes is how I like to describe it and so it's quite hard to say exactly how it tastes like. For instance, I can taste a little bit of metal (I know it sounds weird), but then that taste suddenly disappears and I'm left with nothing.

I find it quite cool how the text on the bottle has been put together. 
"Feel the difference and discover why so many are crossing over to the dark side."
"Enjoy the dark side."

These phrases can be persuasive in a way and creepy in another, but that's what makes you interested in wanting to try it.

I also had to try an experiment with it. I wanted to see if it would leave any kind of stain, because the water is not clear-less. I found out that it does leave a brownish sort of stain, that can easily be washed out. I did try this on a white piece of clothing so that I could actually see the difference. It's not a major difference, but proves that the water is not literally black or blk like the cool kids say.

I live in the UK and this product isn't available around the corner, which means that I had to pay over £5 in order to receive it. I would say this is the first easy step to trying new things and if you want to start easy try this. We can work our way up together.


Happy Wednesdays!  :D