Sunday, 11 October 2015

All in a day..

Hey Everyone!

I've been so relaxed recently it's a miracle.

I'm currently listening to Moose Blood and eating every single piece of chocolate that I can find, but I don't really care about the calories. I care about the batteries and by batteries I mean filling up mine as I need energy.

There has been a day in this week, where all the weird things happened at once. I say weird but it's mostly unusual.

The first thing that happened on this day was on my way to school. I have to walk past a bus stop, where you would casually see people standing and waiting patiently. Although this day it was a little different. From afar I saw a women crouched down with her back towards everyone else there. I got closer to realise that she was throwing up. I was already anxious, because I was running late and to see the sick come out of her mouth didn't help. I tried to keep looking the other way or else it would influence me to throw up too.

The school day went fine, which I thought was going to be the opposite after I saw someone throw up.

I also received my Blk. Water through the post, which I instantly tried and have to say that it made me feel different. I don't know if it's the 'Fulvic Trace Mineral Infused Water' part that made me feel different. I say different, because I can feel something in my veins in a way and I become tired in another way. It's really weird but I like it as I've become addicted to it.

I swear I might have gone crazy this day too, because I nearly burnt down the house as I left food in everything to cook. I had bread in the toaster, leftovers in the microwave and chicken strips in the oven. I accentually caught the wire of the toaster between the toaster itself, but I was lucky enough to have realised before it went on fire. I also burnt the chicken strips and myself when taking them out.

Lets talk about my hair too. I had brought a few clothing items that still had the tags on and so I had to remove the tags. I somehow got strands of my hair in the way and this has NEVER HAPPENED EVER IN MY LIFE. In theory I lost a few strands of hair and still can't believe it.

At the end of this day I was too tired to finish it. I ended up sleeping before removing my make up and it had to be on the day where I went hardcore with make up. I even scared myself when I woke up, as I had completely forgotten about it.

I just can't believe I went through this is one day. I don't remember it exactly so I'm guessing there could have been other things too. It was just a lot for one day, especially when I had just heard good news.

I hope your day on this day was better then mine.

Happy Sundays!  :D