Sunday, 20 September 2015

Real Cheat Day..

Hey Everyone!

I can't believe how crazy this week has been. A lot has happened this week that is mainly bad, but with some good bits and Sunday being one of them as it includes a rant.

I decided to have a REAL cheat day and by real I mean anything along the lines of fast food, chocolate, donuts etc. I had ate a lot already on this day, but I was still up for fast food as you can never say no to chips. I also had just been shopping, so it was a treat for not spending as much money as I did on my previous shopping trip.

The queue started in the inside and ended around the side of the store. It might have been lunch time or something, but compared to other fast food stores this never happened for this store.

Anyways I had a question with my order.

It was very basic and simple. It was something like, "how much is it for 6 pieces?"

They didn't have the price up for this amount, but I knew that they would still do it. The guy serving me was about in his late 20s or early 30s and he didn't know his maths.

I didn't know how much one piece was, because they do offers for most of their food so I didn't know for sure how much it should be.

I asked him how much it was for one and he didn't know. He was just standing there shaking his head and tying to laugh to make it more amusing. I laughed and smiled too because the maths part wasn't important the food was.

In the end I did the maths myself, while he kept saying "I'm sorry" and "thank you."

As the people say "the customer is always right," and in this case I was.

If anything like this does ever happen just laugh it off, it's better to laugh or smile than bringing someone down for something they don't know.

Happy Sundays!  :D