Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How To - Grow Out Your Hair

Hey Everyone!

A lot of people always ask me about my hair and many of the times it's just to complement my hair. I don't know why you would complement my hair, because I currently have a lot of split ends that I need to take care of.

The main thing people comment on about my hair is it's length.

I always thought that I never did anything to get my hair as long as it is, but then I realised that the steps I repeat everyday are done because it's helping my hair. I sometimes think that my hair grows too quickly, because the last time I cut my hair was in June and it's already reached my lower back..

The sun came out during some of these pictures, thats why my hair might look a lot lighter in one picture than the others.

1.  Try To Eat Healthy 
This might be the boring one out of the list, but remember I and others have to try it too if we want results. I mainly recommend drinking a lot of water, because when I was younger I used to treat my hair as if it was a plant and all plants need water. The water and food will be transported and distributed around the body, so some of it will go to the roots of your hair which will help with the natural oils that are already there.

2.  Use Conditioner 
All the time it's hair day I always make sure I shampoo and condition my hair. I use heat on my hair about twice a week which is bad as it should be twice a month. This thins out your hair, but by using a conditioner it will sort of sew back together the thin hair and prevent damage so that your hair can continue growing in a healthy way.

3.  Use Cold Water
The sound of cold water doesn't sound fun, but you only need it for a few seconds at the end of your shower. I would do my daily routine in the shower with warm water and then to finish off I will quickly use the cold water, (for a few second of course). This helps with keeping your hair looking healthy as well as the natural oils in your roots. Plus it also gives your hair a healthy looking shine.

4.  Don't Use Any Harsh / Unnatural Products
A few years ago I was using this oil product that would keep my hair looking healthy. I really liked it until I realised what was in it and what it was actually doing to my hair. It would make my hair feel like straw (after I washed it out). It's very important to not damage your hair while trying to grow it out, because it can make your hair weak and unable to grow (or grow as fast).

5.  Don't Stress
Hair takes it's time to grow out and stressing or worrying about it will make things worse. I actually met someone who got her first grey hair pretty early than usual (like in her 20s). It's better for your hair to take it's time to grow then having grey hairs growing out, am I right?

The key thing I like to do is not care and sort of forget about my hair, because I feel like when you forget it allows to focus on other things and by the time you know it your hair has grown and inch or two. 

Also an obvious one that I've forgotten is don't cut your hair! I think trimming is fine as it's only the ends, but remember the more you cut it the shorter it gets.

Happy Wednesdays!