Sunday, 6 September 2015

Delivery Guy..

Hey Everyone!

I can't believe the amount of things that have happened this week and it's still Sunday, like does this week even end? But my way of ending the week is with a rant, because Sundays are the best days for that.

The last time I went online shopping was at the end of June just before I went on holiday. I broke my highest record of 'no online shopping' until the other day. It was pretty early and not late which was a clear sign why not to buy anything, but I did anyways.

There are some stores online that I don't shop at, because of the delivery company who delivers their orders for them. I didn't realise which delivery company was going to deliver my item and when I did I felt like giving them one more chance.

Whenever someone knocks on the door I panic if I hear it, which is rare because normally my music is on a high volume (so I can't hear any knocking).

It felt very strange as I opened the door, because the young guy behind it didn't have my delivery. I had to wait as he went to get it. He came back with a huge box on his shoulder with pet prints. I started to panic inside, because I don't even have any pets. I could only think 'what was I thinking?' I clearly wasn't thinking until I read the label..

It was for someone else and not me. It was for someone called 'Sally.'

I showed the delivery guy that it was for someone else, even though at the beginning he asked whether I was who I was. He apologised and went all the way back with the box on his shoulder. He had to come back again, which he did with the actual order.

After all of this I looked in the mirror and realised how terrible I looked. I had only done one wing of my eyeliner on one eye and I was still in my really old pyjama top.

I learnt that it's important to give chances, even if it involves your money and trust. I also learnt that I should never ever agin take a break while doing my eyeliner, because I can always take a break after and not during.

Happy Sundays!