Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Coral Bliss By MAC

Hey Everyone!

I've always liked coral shades when it comes to lip products. I feel like the colour can complement  any skin colour, as it's a mix between a light orange and a light pink.

This particular shade called, 'Coral Bliss' by MAC is beautiful.

I brought this shade online, which meant that I didn't know for sure what the colour was going to look like. When it arrived I was a bit worried that it was going to be too bright, because I'm not a big fan of bright lipsticks. I tried it on and was so happy that it actually looks quite natural..

This is the only MAC lipstick that I own that is a cremesheen. 

A cremesheen is very creamy on the lips. It makes me want to keep rubbing my lips together, because it feels moisturising, but I don't think it is as after a while my lips become dry, (I have really really dry lips so it might just be me). 

When you apply one or two-ish coats it feels quite light and thin on you lips, but if you apply more it feels like you've just covered your lips with a crayon or something. That's why a little bit is enough and you can always still add more to build up colour as well as thickness. 

The cremesheen also adds a little shine to the lips, which adds a little something making it less dull. 

I known I talk a lot about the smell of products, because it's going to be on your lips so it's quite important. This lipstick has a slightly different smell to the MAC Velvet Teddy, as it smells a bit more sweet. I think it might be because of the colour as the coral is more of a sweet colour compared to the nude.

I will update this post with a dupe as soon as I find one, because this colour is quite hard to find.

Happy Wednesdays!  :D