Wednesday, 30 September 2015

BORDEAUX | Autumn Nails

Hey Everyone!

I've seen leaves fall from trees and felt the autumn breeze. 

Does this mean it's autumn yet?

It used to be warm in a way, but then all of a sudden the cold started to creep in and is still creeping in, like I can hear the wind outside crawling in as I type.

I've always loved the colour red. I don't own a lot of red clothing items, as I prefer to see red in other things like on my nails..

This colour in particular by Revlon is the perfect shade for autumn. 

The colour is mainly red, but it contains a pinky sort of undertone colour. It's a colour that for me summarises autumn, because it's dark in a way but some would also say bright in another way. It's nearly Halloween too, which is why I'm going straight into the dark colours like this one and black.

The nail varnish itself has such a pretty packaging. It adds an expensive touch and so will look good on a shelf for decoration (which is something I do). The wand it has is super easy to use which is why I love this nail varnish. It allows for the right amount of nail varnish to be picked up, which is important as you don't want your nails to be overflown with nail varnish.

The photos above show the nail varnish as it's true self and colour, because I didn't add a top clear coat as I felt lazy. Opps. It just felt so soft without the clear top coat.

I've realised that without the top clear coat the nail varnish acts differently. For example, if I swipe my hand across a piece of paper it will leave red lines. I first thought it was the end of my pencil, but I then soon realised that it was my nails. This has never happened before, but at least I now know that I should be adding a top clear coat.

It's a nail varnish that is around the £7 price mark, which I don't consider expensive as it can be hard to find a colour like this, but after the first day they did chip a bit as you can see above.

If you were in the need of a new nail colour for this autumn, I think I might have just helped you.

Happy Wednesdays!  :D