Monday, 28 September 2015


Hey Everyone!

I know it's Monday and not Sunday, but somehow I only remembered about the rant at 3am which I believe not many people would be awake. I was also tucked up in bed when I realised that it was 3am and no blog post :(

Autocorrect annoys me quite a lot.

The autocorrect that I dislike the most is when I type 'u' it autocorrects to 'i.' It just makes me seem like I'm talking about myself all the time. The other day I sent 'but u deserve it' and it autocorrected to 'but I deserve it.' I wanted to disappear after I sent that because I genuinely didn't mean it, but it made me seem like I did. This is not the first time as it's one of many times.

I speak Portuguese if you didn't know and I don't have the extra keyboard for that as I know that I'll forget to change it back. I have Portuguese friends and it's nice to talk to them, as it helps me keep up with how to write in Portuguese. I know for sure that it takes me minutes to reply, because I can see the minutes go by at the top of the screen. All the time I say 'tb' which stands for 'tudo bem' which is like 'is everything alright.' It always autocorrects to 'TV!' (yes with the exclamation mark).

Apparently I really like the TV.

There's also been a few that have been sent to me, that has left me a bit ?

We were discussing YouTube this one time and I asked a question. The reply was something like 'I don't know h**.' I thought they meant it because they didn't say anything for a few seconds and my facial expression was just :O  WHAT?!
Those few seconds felt like forever, but they did say how they were meant to say 'how.'

I know that you can turn autocorrect off and all, but there are some times throughout the day where you realise that you're glad that you have autocorrect.

Happy Mondays!  :D