Sunday, 23 August 2015

The work life..

Hey Everyone!

If you lost count it's the 7th day of the week and so it's Sunday a.k.a Rant Sunday! I don't know for sure if this counts as a rant, but you'll see as you read on and then you can decide if it is or not.

My parents own a business and they were looking for someone to do part time, that's why they asked me before anyone else, (how nice?). I wasn't really doing anything so of course I said 'sure.'

I would start at 5pm and would finish at 8pm. I didn't really do much. My job was mainly to do the small tasks that were around and get anything the employers asked for, like fishcakes (and yes it's a food business but like my mum says 'everyone needs to eat so it's all good'). It was pretty easy, which left a few thoughts about how much I was going to get paid as I didn't know yet.

I later found out that I would get £30, which is £10 less compared to other past part timer. I didn't mind as I had just started and understood why it was lower.

The thing is I don't do much and I'm getting like £10 an hour. I also work on less busy days, because that would be a bit too much to handle for a newbie like me. I just don't get why that much. It might sound like I would like to receive less and I probably would.

It is a food business, which means you can't just shower and leave your hair dry. I have to plan before and ahead when I shower. For instance, I'll make sure that on work day it's been a day or two since I washed my hair, (as work is only once or twice a week). It's also crazy to see all this food being made and then within an instant it's gone. I guess I now know how money is also made haha.

I'm not saying I'm not grateful, because I truly feel grateful. It's just a bit more than what I was expecting.

I also look at it in another way. If the business makes enough money to pay that much for part time, then I guess I'm just lucky.

It's annoying that I don't know what I want.

I can't decide sometimes and as in 'sometimes' I mean always. I'm always confusing and I'm sorry about that.

Did I just rant about myself?

Happy Sundays!  :D