Sunday, 16 August 2015

The game..

Hey Everyone!

Today has been one of those days, where you realise that time is going by slower than usual, but after you've said that it suddenly goes quick. It feels like a few minutes ago I was stuck in traffic, which is currently better than being home when the 'game' is on.

When it comes to football, (not the American version) my family separates. It has always been that my Dad supports a different team to us, (me, sister and Mum). We don't want to be against him, but it's just that we prefer the other team. The only time we are on the same team is when it's the World Cup and we're cheering for Portugal.

I always think about how it's just a game and that's the most I do compared to watching a game of snooker, where I just fall asleep.

However my Dad believes that he's actually there assisting the game and that he's the coach of the team. He also believes that by shouting at the TV screen will make a difference on how the players play, but it won't. Sometimes he'll realise that all the shouting isn't working, as the game is getting worse and so he'll just leave the house.

I just don't see the point of getting worked up while watching a football match.

I'm just glad that all this time we've never had any broken TVs.

I don't find it entertaining at all. The only reason why sometimes I might be in the same room where the match is going on is, because he'll be making jokes about the players, referees, coaches and random people in the audience. When it gets to the 'people in the audience' stage it's just a sign that he's bored and will probably leave at any time.

It's also funny, because he doesn't even make sense anymore as we're now off the topic of football and he's giving us 'important' quotes, like 'a good dog is either given or stolen,' or 'we have to like the taste of our own blood.'

The most annoying part is that the days he decides to shout at the top of his lungs is when I have a lot to do, or when it needs to be quite so that I can concentrate. I can lock myself in my room with headphones and I'll still be able to hear somethings coming from the living room.

This has happened for years. It still hasn't grown on me and I haven't gotten used to it too.

Happy Sundays!  :D