Sunday, 30 August 2015

Saying sorry..

Hey Everyone!

It's Sunday which is great and all, but it's the last Sunday before school starts. I won't be able to lay in on Mondays anymore and I'll have to figure out outfits for school EVERYDAY, (as for the past years I've had to wear uniform). I made a short video on 5 outfits for school, so maybe you want to check that out?

That was part of todays rant, as I'm sorry that the video is that short.

This is what I mean. I keep saying 'sorry' or apologising for the small little things that don't or can't accept the apology.

I realised the other day to who I was apologising to. I was sat in front of my vanity, because I like to just stare at the mirror sometimes, (mainly when I'm bored). I went to lift my hand up to fix my hair and 'accidentally' hit the vanity. The first words that came out of my mouth were 'oh sorry.' It's only furniture, but apparently it has feelings too and so even if it can't accept my apologise it's worth to say it just in case. Am I too nice?

A similar incident happened the other day too, but it had a slight 'twist.'
I was walking to my chest of draws that was in my bedroom. On my way the desk was in the way. I somehow walked into the desk and hit my foot hard. You would think I would blame the desk, but no I said 'ow' for the desk because my voice changed and I wouldn't say 'ow' in that tone.

This is not the first time that this happens as it always, like I always say sorry to the plates that I sort of throw into the sink as I feel like the noise created is their pain. Now that I've read back to this line about the plates I feel like I need help :D

I forget sometimes, because I might be delirious of my surroundings and so nothing is technically there around me.

It might just be my instincts telling me that the best thing to say is sorry, as everyone likes to hear when someone is sorry and even more when they actually mean that they are sorry.

'All I ever was was sorry..'  (I guess)

Happy Sundays!


So who got that song reference?