Sunday, 9 August 2015

Right Lane..

Hey Everyone!

It's Sunday, which is the day of the week where I do absolutely nothing except rant.

Todays story is pretty interesting in my opinion, because it was a very intense moment as well as a near death experience all because we were on the right lane.

It was our last day in Madeira and after waking up the day had already started in a weird way. I had a dream about how when I would get back to the UK I would have spiders everywhere. Most of these spiders would be behind the doors. It's weird, because I've never dreamt like that about spiders. The other weird thing was that I planned to do eyeliner, but all of a sudden I just put the eyeliner down and said 'no.' I said no to eyeliner?! That's defiantly not me.

The airport is about an hour or even less away from our house. As we hit the road that was when I had the thought that we were going to crash. I might always think in a negative way, but I would never say it aloud as it would worry others. My mum was driving the fastest she has driven this whole time in Madeira. She was also talking about death a lot, like 'you never know when you're going to die,' or 'if you're meant to die there you will die there.'

We were on the right lane, the lane where there's all the exits.

Our car moved to the right lane, because the car behind us wanted to drive faster than the speed that we were driving at. Then all of a sudden a car was coming down to the bottom of the other lane to exit to the lane we were in. That car just entered the lane. He didn't even dare to look for cars.

The speed that we were going at was too much. The breaks were applied but you could see we couldn't make it..

Until my mum braked the hardest she could and straight away went to the left lane after the car had passed.

It was risky, because you could see that there wasn't a lot of space and time, but somehow my mum did it. She saved our lives.

That car just entered and if there was an accident my mum would have to pay for the damages of that car, even though it was his fault. It that was the case I would tell my mum not to pay.

It just scares someone and taking a look at the lane before entering does not take a life time.

I was weird too. I didn't react I just watched patiently. I had such a careless attitude it was too weird, because I would have been the one screaming and crying.

I just really wished people would care and take care when they're driving. There's also the drivers that everyone would love to drive on the same lane with and I appreciate those drivers  :)

Happy Sundays!  :D