Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Little Necklace

Hey Everyone!

While I was in Madeira I found a type of necklace that I have been looking for. I even thought in creating this necklace, because I couldn't find it anywhere and if you can't find something you can always create it, right?

It's one of those 'make your own' sort of necklaces, that comes with 8 different coloured stones. There's a gold, silver and rose gold, whereas the others are different colours but with a gold outline and back.

The design of this necklace is very simple and dainty, which is why I like it so much. It feels like I own 8 necklaces, because the different colours makes it seem like its a different necklace and I can always change up the necklace to match more with an outfit.

This one has to be my favourite.
The white does create the illusion that I'm more tanned. It's also very similar to one of the colours that already comes with pack, as the other one is more of a stone colour instead of a white.

I mainly got this necklace, because I wear pearl earring all the time and it was hard to wear a necklace that didn't look odd with the pearl earrings. I also got this to match an all time favourite bracelet, which I swear has the exact same black stone to the necklace, (even though it was from a different store).

I tried to find this in the UK and haven't found it, (that's why the link takes you to the H&M in Portugal). Either way it was 7,99€ which is like a euro per stone.

Happy Wednesdays!