Monday, 27 July 2015

That kid..

Hey Everyone! 

It's really hard to post blog posts here in Madeira, because I'm currently living in a mountain that is high up in the sky and it's hard to get internet. That's why some posts are late, like this one. 

On Sundays I never have internet, that's why Sunday rants are pushed to Monday. 

The best part is that there is still s post just a bit late and I hope that you don't mind that. 

Anyways it's hot here and that means 'taking a dip in he ocean' is a really refreshing thing. 

The other day we went to the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen here on Madeira. It was in a city called Seixal. The best part about this  beach is that as time goes on the waves get big and strong. 

There's this thing that a lot of people do here and it's 'cutting the waves.' This is when you dive through a wave, seconds before it rolls. It's basically when a wave looks like a mountain if that makes it sound any better. The only problem is that a lot of people do it, so you need to be careful if anyone gets in your way or is too close. 

It was one of the biggest waves of the day and I was ready to cut right though it. I didn't want to miss it, because it was a big one. Then all of a sudden as I'm seconds away from diving in a random kid just runs and dives right in front of me. 

He just went at it. He didn't even look to his sides to see if anyone was there, but I was there. Who doesn't check? I check all the time even if I feel like people are swimming under water. It's all just in case. 

A few things could have been serious if I had cut that wave at that time. I was going head first like you're meant to and I was also going to push off from the ground for even more power.  

I'm just glad that I didn't dive in, especially as that was my favourite beach and I didn't want that to change. 

Happy Mondays!