Sunday, 12 July 2015

It takes one click..

Hey Everyone!

It's finally Sunday and I'm more stressed than ever, mainly because I'm going on holiday and there's things everywhere.

It's also 'Rant Sunday' which means that I can release some of that stress in a form of a rant, as it's nice to let things out of my mind that aren't needed there.

The other day I went to a public park, which was more like a huge field filled with a few benches and an ice cream van. The point of going to this park was for a picnic with friends, it had enough space for us all so why not. You can say that this park is pretty popular as it's right in town and there's always people walking by and some are sometimes taking selfies.

There is a path that goes around the whole park, which many people like to use. It's not an easy path to use when people stop to take selfies. It was all of a sudden. I was with a few of my friends and all of a sudden the people in front of us stop to take a selfie. I'm also pretty sure that I was in the background of one of those selfies.

After a few minutes me and my friends stopped to meet up with the others and these people were still taking selfies. Even worse as they left the park they also had to take a selfie. It's one of those selfies that take more time than it should.

During all of this there was a primary school/class that were visiting the park and there was a lot of them. Did they step a side? Nope. The children had to let go of each others hands to allow them to pass.

I can say for myself that I always take more than one selfie, but I do know that I don't take that long or at least I would move out of the way. It's just a click or a tap on the screen and then BOOM you have a selfie, (or a few selfies).

Happy Sundays!  :D