Monday, 20 July 2015

Different prices..

Hey Everyone!

It's not Sunday, but I've only just got wifi so it's rant Monday instead.

My excuse for doing more shopping than usual has been that, I will be going on holiday and will need new items. I always visit the same country (Madeira) every year, so my excuse for that too is that I don't want to take pictures in the same clothing and location. I will get confused with whether this photo was taken last year or this year.

Anyways I went shopping. I found a few items and then when I went to try them they didn't fit, because

I also realised that they were the exact same item, but in different colours. I didn't mind the fact that they had the same pattern in different colours, but what I did mind was that they had different prices. Both of these tops were the same size and in the same condition. I didn't get why that was.

I could have asked an employee about this situation, but had to put one of the tops down after I saw a spider crawling up to the collar part of the top.

Instead I bought a few belts and a new bed cover, (for my bed back at our holiday house in Madeira). It was funny to see a woman carrying one of the tops that I had tired and had different prices. I am nosey, meaning that I poked my neck out as the top was scanned to see how much it was. It was the same price as the other one.

I tired to trick my mind into focusing on how that top might have been a different size or might have had a very similar pattern. This was so that I didn't become frustrated at myself for not asking about the top, but then in the end why did I care? It didn't fit me anyways.

The different prices annoyed me enough to make me rant about it. Haha.

Happy Sundays!  :D