Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Velvet Teddy By MAC & Dupes

Hey Everyone!

A few months back I decided to purchase 'Velvet Teddy' by MAC, especially because I was planning to wear it as my lip colour for prom.

This shade in particular is very popular. I know this because at my local MAC store they didn't have this shade and for a few days it was also sold out online, so I had to wait awhile. But I'm glad I waited and didn't give up, as it's a beautiful neutral shade.

The best part about MAC lipsticks is that they last for a long time without you knowing, but because this is a matte lipstick it will last longer than the other finishes like the cremesheens. The other best part is that they smell and taste delicious. I could spend a few minutes or so with my nose around the lipstick. If there was a perfume with this scent I would 100% buy it.

When you apply this lipstick I like how it feels soft and moisturising on the lips, even though it has a matte finish. After a while my lips do become a bit dry as the lipstick sinks into my lips, but then again I have recently had really, really dry lips.

It's a great lipstick with a lot of product which is why I think £15.50 is not too bad, but it's still money and can be seen as a lot for one lipstick.

That's why I have found a dupe that I don't think anyone has mentioned before, as it's the Max Factor Lipfinity in the shade 'Spiritual (180).'

This is a comparison of the two, with the 'Velvet Teddy' on the Left and the 'Spiritual' Lipfinity on the Right.

As you can see they are very similar in colour, except that the 'Velvet Teddy' is matte and the 'Spiritual' Lipfinity is more glossy, (but that disappears after a while).

With the 'Spiritual' Lipfinity by Max Factor you apply the lip stain first and then you apply the other clear lip product. This is to make the lips smother, because without it your lips will always stick together. 

I chose this as a dupe because it has a lot of similarities with the 'Velvet Teddy.' It's a lip product that lasts for a very long time and maybe even longer than the MAC lipstick, because I take this to the beach where I will swim around and still have it on when I leave the beach. It does make my lips dry like the MAC lipstick, but then again I have also been out in the sun and have really really dry lips.

It also has a very similar colour to 'Velvet Teddy,' and the colour can be adjusted by either applying more or less to get even closer to the shade.

There are common dupes that have already been shared, like the Revlon Mauve It Over Lipstick  if you prefer a lipstick more than a lip stain.

I hope that this post helped in some way!

Happy Tuesdays!  :D