Monday, 15 June 2015

Sleek Highlighting Palette | Review

Hey Everyone!

Now that I have a lot of free time, I will be using that time to try new things like make up, especially highlighters.

That's when I came across the Sleek Highlighting Palette which I brought a while ago, but I've only had enough time now to try it out.

This palette consists of 4 highlighters called platinum, royal gold, renaissance gold and antique bronze. Three of them have a cream formula (platinum, royal gold and renaissance gold) and the other is a powder (antique bronze). It says on the Sleek website that these shades complement all skin tones. 

My most used shade is 'Platinum,' because it doesn't contain as much shimmer/glitter as the other shades which works best with my skin tone. I really like it for highlighting my cupids bow and the bridge of my nose as it adds a nice glow.

My least used shade is 'Antique Bronze,' because it's not really a highlighting shade as it's darker and quite chalky, which means that you have to keep applying until you get the actual colour.

The packaging for this product is gorgeous and reflective which gives the palette a luxurious feel, as well as, making the £9.99 with it. Even though it's made from plastic, there is a magnet that keeps the palette shut which gives the shades some protection. The palette does come with a brush that is useless, because it doesn't really help with the application.

'Royal Gold' and 'Renaissance Gold' are pretty similar shades, with the main difference being that 'Royal Gold' contains a lot more glitter/shimmer and is more yellow in colour, compared to 'Renaissance Gold' which is a more pink colour.

Overall these cream shades are nice, because they make blending simple and easy to do, but can wear off after a while which in that case powdered highlighters would be best.

I would recommend it if you want to try the cream formula, because it's a great palette to start at as it's really easy to use.

Happy Mondays!  :D