Sunday, 21 June 2015

Free Food..

Hey Everyone!

It's everyones favourite day of the week, because it's time for a Sunday Rant.

It's also Father's Day, so Happy Father's Day to you all!

I have mixed feelings towards this weeks rant and it's all due to me overthinking about the free food I got with my ASOS order..

I have shopped at ASOS before and have never ever received an extra small box with food. It was a big surprise to find it in the middle of my order, because this has never happened. 

I was excited as it was free food, but then I started to overthink.

I had ordered a bikini, so after my excitement I thought how they could have sent me this 'healthy' free food, because I ordered a bikini and need to stay in shape in order to wear it. This is probably not what ASOS intended, but I overthink and know others do to. I always put a lot more thought into something as simple as this, when it's not needed as I can just accept it and shut up.

I also decided not to try it, because of my overthinking as well as it was made for lunch, which is my least favourite meal.

I still don't know what to think and just thinking about how I don't know what to think makes me overthink, yano?

One thing that I will not be overthinking about is wether I should still shop at ASOS.

Happy Sundays!  :D