Thursday, 4 June 2015

Flannel For The Day

Hey Everyone!

I love flannels and can't resist one I like when I'm passing by the store. I wouldn't say I have many, but then some would say I would be lying.

It's basically the perfect 'coat' for a breezy day where it may be sunny, but there still might be that gush of wind that makes your skin get goose bumps.

I like it plain and simple. 

For this outfit I went with a white top, black jeans and a flannel that has more than two colours. The flannel it what makes the outfit have life, as it is Summer and I wanted some colour (I know that it's not really 'summery,' but I live in the UK and the weather is not as warm).

I wear these shoes all the time. They are probably my most worn and my favourite shoes that I own. They are just simple, black and comfortable. I mean what else do you want or need from shoes.

Starting from the left UO, H&M, New Look and H&M. 
The rings were all from different places and I've only just realised that. 
The bracelets came in a pack from Primark and I am SO obsessed with the top bracelet. It just creates a statement on your wrist with the black against the gold. If I were to ever be a bracelet (which I don't think I will make it in that industry) I would be this one, as it describes me as it's small but bold.

One day I should do a flannel collection.

Happy Thursdays!  :D