Sunday, 7 June 2015


Hey Everyone!

It's still exam season for me, but it will be ending in a few days and I cannot wait.

I'm either nervous or excited before exams, but it tends to be that I get excited for subjects that I like as I can't wait to see what the questions are. I know weird.

The thing that gets me nervous is the waiting. I don't like waiting outside or walking around until it's time. To calm the nerves I make sure I arrive to school just in time so that I don't need to wait as long.

Something that is also weird is that whenever I'm sat during an exam I'm very tempted to just shout out a random word or phrase. It's like when someone tells you not to do something, you instantly want to do it and thats how I feel.

One of the most annoying things during exams is the silence and people combined. It's SO quiet during the whole time, so the smallest noises can be heard. For instance, someone who is clicking their pen from the other side of the room can be heard as if they were right next to you. It alters my concentration. It would be great if they stopped but if you say anything you would be out.

Another annoying thing is when the examiners come together and start talking about whatever they're talking about. And this again alters my concentration, as I can't listen to my brain and people around me at once.

I personally like sitting at the back, because I don't get the feeling that someone is staring at me and if I do there is nothing or none behind be so it's fine. During these exams I have only been at the back once and it was nice, but other than that I have always been in the middle. I whisper to myself sometimes which can appear really weird for those around me.

Apart for this it's not as bad as people say it is, as at times there is a bit of comedy. For example, an examiner tripped over a gym mat (as exams are in our school gym & hall). I remember smiling so hard that as I turned to look away I caught my friends eye who just also happened to have the biggest smile. The only sad part is not being able to LOL.

For any of those who are also doing any exams I wish you the best of luck and push yourself as hard as you can, because then the summer holidays will be around the corner.

Happy Sundays!  :D