Monday, 1 June 2015

Everyone saw you...

Hey Everyone!

I know it isn't Sunday today, but I'm doing a rant today instead.

The thing is that I completely forgot about it on Sunday as I was SAE (Stressing About Exams) and so had to revise for the whole day. It was also my least favourite subject English.

A short throwback to yesterday which is where this rant comes from.

I was shopping in town as I needed blue jeans, because all of the jeans I have are black and no other colour. It was a success. I got blue jeans and then headed for lunch. The chosen place for lunch was KFC. I mainly wanted to go to KFC as I haven't been in ages and have missed their popcorn chicken (one of the foods I could live on forever).

There was a huge queue ahead I thought, but then I realised that they were waiting for their food, so not as many people as I thought.

Anyways I order a 'lunch box' and my favourite popcorn chicken (in large).

Then this girl walks in saying 'excuse me' in order to grab one of the employee's attention. This is where it gets a little bit awkward.

One of the employees there makes direct eye contact with this girl, but what does the employee do?
The employee looks at the floor and ducks down to pick up 1p. 1p?! 
There is someone asking for help and you decide it's best to ignore, even though you just had a mini staring competition.

Another employee makes the move by attending this girl and all she wanted was ketchup. During the time this was happening the other employee remained ducked down, but as the girl leaves she just bobs her head back up.

It would be ok (I guess) if you didn't make eye contact, because none would know that you knew that you could have done something, but everyone saw you make eye contact.

It was awkward, because for a couple of seconds the whole of KFC went into complete silence until the other employee broke it with, 'how can I help you.'

This employee could have been having a bad day or whatever, but even if that was true don't put your negativity on others as I've had that happen to me before and it wasn't the best thing. I cried.

But on a more positive note that popcorn chicken was good and it made me feel better.

Happy Mondays!  :D