Sunday, 5 April 2015


Hey Everyone!

Happy Easter! (even though there is like less than 30 minutes for it to be over).
But hey, here's a picture of my favourite Easter chocolate as it's not really an egg and right now it's missing a few parts, (as I'm eating as I type).

It's Sunday and even though it's Easter I couldn't miss this weeks rant. It get better as this week's rant is sort of related to Easter and you'll see what I mean.

Have I told you that I went to a Catholic Primary School before? No? OK. I didn't think so.

Anyways when I was younger I went to a Primary Catholic School and if you're not from the UK then you wouldn't have known that Primary School is from the age of 4/5 to 11 (Year 6). I liked that school it was ok, but the thing that made it worse than ever was that there were too many rules. For example, you couldn't wear any earrings, the only exception was that you had to have tape around them or you couldn't go to lunch unless you ate every single little piece of food that was in your lunchbox. 

But that's not the main topic. 

The main topic is the students at the school. It was a Catholic School, but there was also non Catholics at the school. The point is why put a child in a Catholic School when you or them aren't Catholic? 
For instance, there was this girl in my class and she wasn't Catholic nor was her parents. This meant that she didn't do her First Holy Communion or any other sacraments. She still had to go to church every Thursdays with the school, but I don't get why you would pray to something you don't believe in. I still see her and she doesn't follow any religion. 

At first I thought it could influence you into believing, but for her it didn't. So what's the point?
I believe that someone should have the chance to explore and figure out what they believe, instead of being forced to believe. That's why I don't get why you would go to a Catholic School if you don't believe.

My whole thought about this is pretty much summed up in this one worded vine that can be seen here. 

Hope that you all have had a nice Easter and I'll type later!

Happy Sundays!  :D