Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer

Hey Everyone!

I haven't done a review in a long while, but I have been trying the "Absolutely Flawless Flexible Coverage Concealer" for a while now and I thought I'd give you my thoughts on it.

I fell in love with this concealer when I found out that it's high in coverage, because of it's thick consistency. It was hard to decide on a shade, because there are only 3 shades to choose from. But in the end I went with "Perfect Nude" which I think is a little bit too dark for me, (as I bought this straight away when I came back from my holiday). 

I have been using this concealer since last year and I don't wear it everyday, because I mainly use it on blemishes and imperfections that my light concealers can't cover. 

This concealer does cover blemishes and imperfection well, but it depends on what blemishes or imperfections. For example, if I wake up with a large pimple on my chin it will cover it. If it's on another day where I wake up with a pimple that has some sort of scab growing, then this concealer will not leave a 'flawless' look.

It's also quite hard to blend the concealer as it's thick and it's a nightmare when it's that scab kind of pimple, (I know gross).

I think that this concealer would be best to cover imperfections that are flat and not bumpy on the surface of your skin. 

I wouldn't recommend this for the under eye area, because it is a thick concealer and the eye area's skin is very thin, so it gives the cakey look.

From one of the images you can see how small the product is compared to my thumb. I'm also not so keen with the packaging. I mean I do love the black, but because you have to squeeze the packing to get the product it actually goes everywhere if you don't place the top properly. To be honest a lot of concealers do have the same packing problem and I still haven't found one that doesn't have this problem.

For £14 it can be seen as pricey especially for the small amount and the annoying packaging, but I do love how thick the consistency is.

The example that I was taking about.

It's taken me a while to figure out wether I like this product or not and I'm still not 100% sure, but if I had to choose to re-purchase I probably wouldn't.

Happy Wednesdays!  :D