Sunday, 19 April 2015

'Air Kiss..'

Hey Everyone!

Before anything..
I changed my blog design to black and white, because as you may know these are my favourite colours along with blue. I also wanted a more casual and simple look, because that's basically me in two words :)

It's Sunday which is everyones most and least favourite day of the week, as it's the end of the weekend, but you get to lie in.

I think and overthink A LOT, but I just don't know why I've only realised this now after I've been doing it for years.

I'm Portuguese if you didn't know and I'm not too sure if this is a tradition in my family or if it's just a way we greet. For years it's been the whole sort of hug then kiss them cheek to cheek, even if you don't know them as much as your parent's do.
In theory you are just placing your cheek next to someone else's until you swap to do their other cheek. But the thing is that you're not kissing them, you're just pretending by placing your cheek next to their's.

Especially when your parents say "thank your grandmother with a kiss," and you don't actually kiss them, because you're just doing the whole cheek to cheek thing.

It would only be occasionally that someone would actually kiss your cheek.

All of this got me thinking about, how maybe it is the 'tradition' to air kiss both cheeks, when you greet someone instead of actually kissing them.

When I was a kid I preferred the 'air kiss,' because it meant that my cheeks wouldn't get covered in saliva by all of relatives, (especially during family gatherings, like Christmas). "Yuck" was what I would say and think.

But when I was about 3 I remember wanting to kiss people, because I saw them doing it in a 'tele novela,' (Portuguese tv series sort of thing). So I guess I just gave that up.

Also I would like to know if anyone else goes through this, because I'm pretty sure that this isn't some sort of "tradition" and that I've just assumed it is.

Happy Sundays!  :D