Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Day At Beach | Bournemouth

Hey Everyone!

I missed this Sunday's Rant, because I was at the beach for the whole day and had school the next day, so to make up for it I've brought the beach to you.

On Sunday I went to visit my second home and happy place which is the beach.

Bournemouth was the location chosen. It was what you would expect from a British beach, because it was extremely windy which just made the 16 degrees of sun appear more like 6 degrees. But strangely enough there was hardly any clouds in the sky, which is a very rare thing to happen here in the UK.

(My Favourite)

I know that it might be hard to believe how a beach in the UK can look like paradise, but on this day it was paradise.

I wore shorts on the day and can honestly say that I had goose bumps for the whole entire day that we were there. We even stopped at Primark to get leggings because of how windy and cold it was. Leggings were seen as the ideal thing to get rid of goose bumps, but in the end I didn't want to change into leggings, because that would mean I couldn't get some what of a tan.

The ocean was FREEZING! No one was in or near the ocean, because of how cold it was. I did do the casual dip of the toes in the ocean. But then my sister found a short cut to cross through the ocean instead of around this barrier that was being used for the zip wire. I ran through this shortcut and didn't realise how there was a little hill in the ocean, so somehow the water managed to reach my knees. For a few seconds I could feel my legs burn with how cold it was.

I also managed to get sunburnt. Yep I got sunburnt only on the bridge of my nose.

Also during the trip I was stopped twice by people who wanted pictures and I can say that it was nice that you asked me to take the picture for you. I'm glad it wasn't a picture to do with me as I literally  looked like I've never slept in my life, because of my huge dark circles.

At end of the day it was great and fun to escape revision for a day, even though my exams are in less than a month :O  

Happy Tuesdays!  :D