Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Staring..

Hey Everyone!

It's Sunday and it's even more special because it's on the first day of the month. But it doesn't change the schedule of this post being a Sunday Rant. I feel like this adds a bit more spice to Sundays as nothing really happens on a Sunday.

Anyways I just recently thought about a time back when I was in Madeira. It's funny in a way how a vine made me remember this situation that was back in the Summer of 2014.

It all began as we were making our way to the beach. This was in Ribera Brava which meant that you had to walk down a road that was quite popular, so you would encounter quite a few people. This road was also located on the outside skirt of this city. As we weren't getting out of the car right next to the beach, we needed to look not so 'beachy' while passing down this road. For this day I was wearing high waisted shorts and a white crop top (not so cropped with the high waisted shorts). It was appropriate for the weather as it was over 32 degrees.

There was this bus stop, where a bunch of people were waiting by for the bus. We had to walk pass and as we did I could feel everyone's eyes on us. I wasn't too bothered. But then 2 meters or so away I still felt the eyes on us. I turn around and they were STILL staring!

I guess you can say it bothered me more than a bit, but that's because you had the chance to look and you don't have to keep looking, especially when I'm meters away.

Also I don't know why the stare, because I don't have a great body, hair, eyes etc. So what was the stare for?

All I can think now is I should have turned around and said, "why don't you take a picture it lasts longer." And yep that is from this vine.

I'm just glad I could FINALLY let that one out, as it's been stuck with me for a while.

Happy Sundays!  :D


P.S - I'm not saying you can't stare, I'm just saying that it can come as being a little bit strange if it continues for a few meters.