Sunday, 22 March 2015

Luck With Online Shopping..

Hey Everyone!

My eyesight is fine and you'll know what I mean if you read my last post.

But anyways it's Rant Sunday and I know I missed last week's, but it was Mother's Day on that day so I just spent the whole day out with the family.

This post is a rant about my luck with online shopping, because there's always something when I online shop and I shop online more than in stores, so you can just image the amount of luck.

One of my all time favourite stores is Urban Outfitters and I shopped their recently making two separate orders over the course of two days. Adding the purchases up together was quite a bit for only two items, (something like over £50). But after a few days my mum comes home with the Elle magazine for me, which comes with 20% off at Urban Outfitters and I was just so angry at myself for spending the money without the 20% off. In the end I just purchased a bikini top that I have had an eye on for a while. But then Urban Outfitters has a sale and I get even more frustrated with myself. This just shows how I have the worst luck ever with online shopping, it's just ridiculous.

It gets worse at times, where once I bought something in a certain colour and it's delivered as a completely different colour.

Something not as annoying is when I add something to my basket and later in the day I come to purchase it, but it's not available in my size. This happened recently when I was browsing at Forever 21 and saw these laced up sandals/heels which is a type of shoe that I've always wanted. Then I go back and size 4 UK is not available anymore but 10 UK is, which is nowhere near size 4 UK.

Hopefully you guys have better luck than me when it comes to online shopping and the funny thing is that even with all this bad luck, I still shop a lot online.

Happy Sundays!  :D