Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hardys | Original Sweetshop

Hey Everyone!

I got recommended to visit this sweetshop called Hardys. They have chocolates and sweets that are imported from different countries, that you can't get here in the UK. It was fun to explore the store and if I wasn't eating healthy I would have purchased a lot more of their candy, (I prefer the word candy instead of sweets).

I'm so happy that I was told about this store, because there were a lot of unique chocolate and candy. For example, there was this CD that was made out of chocolate and had these cool hippie like symbols, which I just thought would make a cool birthday gift. Apart from candy and chocolate they also had cereal, like 'Lucky Charms' which was something I didn't expect. 

In the end I purchased the 'Bean Boozled' to do the Bean Boozled Challenge, so there should be a video of that soon, as well as candy cables (in 'wild cherry') which just brings back childhood memories. 

If you're interested they have a website -

Happy Saturdays!  :D