Sunday, 22 February 2015


Hey Everyone!

It's Sunday so you know what that means, it's a Sunday Rant post.

It was a clam shopping day, where I had managed to purchase things fast and easy, as it wasn't so busy on a rainy day. The last shop on the way was Superdrug, where I just needed to restock and try out new products. I was in line to pay after this woman with her daughter and child. Then it was my turn to pay, but as I was paying the alarm went off. The woman who was serving me said to her colleague "but they didn't buy anything."

So it turns out that the woman with her daughter and child had left the shop with something that they didn't pay for. You would think that the workers of the shop would go after her, but they didn't as they literally just WATCHED her leave!

That person could have taken more than one product easily, as all product at Superdrug are quite small. I remember leaving the store shocked by how they didn't do anything. I know it might not have been that much value, but like I've been taught in life it's still money.

The main thing is that these people were just too lazy to walk up and ask for a receipt, (if they had one), because those people weren't running. This also makes me think about if they can't do anything now what about in the future? I mean what if one day your house is being robbed, will you just let them walk out the house and make them win? Wouldn't you want to teach them a lesson that stealing is wrong?

I'm glad to let this out and you should too if there's anything that you need to let go or say.

Happy Sundays!  :D